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Rolf Waeber's World of Acting, Modeling, Books


31/05/2010 às 11:29

W E B S E I T E   I N   D E U T S C H 

Für deutsch bitte folgenden Link anklicken:
For German language content, please click below:
Para alemán, por favor pulse abajo:

W E L C O M E 


Here you will find all about my experiences in the movie world as actor, secondary actor, extra and model.
You also will find important infos about my books.
Finally you can enjoy a look into my world as a frequent world traveler.

French business partner Emma Ravalimanana says:

Rolf Waeber
is from mixture descents: Switzerland-Austria-German, a charming man with beautiful eyes, sometimes with face look a bit severous sometimes deeply sweet which provocate some intermittent charms to his face. A real profile for Actor!

I met and received him at home to Paris for some days to july 2009 for various programs: tourist visit, art exhibition, movie, tasting my foods specialities, shooting some pictures to Paris, restaurant, movie project, .... We had some amazing days. We are happy being friend!

He is a man with an enormous qualities: well-educated, polite, very welcoming, carefull, attentive, loves humorous, appreciate beautiful things, love sharing good things, knows to live life to its side and take it to easy way, rigorous but undertaking!

He is also a man with an extra-talented: Book Writer, TV Actor, Movie Actor, a Model.

For more info click
To coming back to this page after visiting Book's website to "Trafford Publishing", please click

Please visit also my Art, Real Estate, Anti Aging, Longevity, Travel & Vacation web site:

Please take a look at following new pages/important enhancements:

May 2010
3) Remodeling of Modeling pages: Vita, now up to date
2) Remodeling of Acting pages: Vita, now up to date
1) Abacay music player installed on homepage:
Who is Abacay? --> Abacay are Melany Morganstern on the mic and Miles D. Torrance on the keys.

March 2010
4) Actor Rolf, interview in Swiss newspaper
3) Actor Rolf, starring in Braegger & Thomann image film - video added
2) Actor Rolf, "Der Grosse Kater"(Swiss/German movie) added 4 links
1) Kapustin Jar, the Russian Roswell, 5 videos added

February 2010
2) Model page enhanced with new pictures and setcard

1) My new novel: "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen" volume one, testimonials from buyers:

January 2010
3) My new novel: "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen" is now available at my book shop

2) Internationale Seite für Deutschland / Schweiz / Österreich / Liechtenstein wird demnächst freigegeben auf folgenden Link:

1) International site for German language opened

December 2009
5) My new novel: "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen" is now available at
4) Video Lungenliga added
3) Several links for the Swiss/German movie: "Der Grosse Kater" with actor Rolf as Master of Ceremonies,
Rolf in Tagesanzeiger, Blick, NZZ, and more Swiss newspapers and in the News on TV

2) Youtube Video "Helsana" with me as the doctor added
1) Trailer: "The Legend of Naya" added

November 2009
4) Photo Gallery: "The Legend of Naya" added
3) UFO Fleet Over Germany, October 22, 2008
2) Alien Cover Up picture added
1) Added Link & Info of Ange Laurent, Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master Healer and Astrologer

October 2009
10) Added picture of Adobe Film Festival: We won the first prize
9) New testimonial from New York for my first book: "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races"
8) Added my Roswell, NM experience with a Grey Alien
7) More Testimonials added
6) Check out my new pages: doubles of famous actors like: Michael Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Pierre Besson
5) Outlook 2010 and 2011: new release of volume two and three of "The Female Hermit"
4) New book: The Female Hermit (Die Eremitin), part one of the trilogy, published by December 2009
3) German movie director Daniel Staller added: links and pictures
2) Acting pages updated, movies added
1) First page updated

September 2009
3) Book page updated: "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races"
2) found a publisher for the new novel: "The Female Hermit"
1) New release installed

August 2009
2) Added videos in Mystery pages: Atlantis & Lemuria
1) Added videos in Mystery pages: UFOs & Aliens

July 2009
4) Added Modeling page with slide show

3) Added new chapters: Mystery / Atlantis / UFOs
2) Added links "AG-AGRIA" on my-books page
1) Added link "Laze Curtain Liza"

June 2009
1) Added Rock Circus video with me in three roles on the acting video page

May 2009
1) Added Link of my friend Yeva – Yeva’s Universe. She is ow
ner of the world biggest alien collection! Enjoy it!
2) Added three Spots with me on the acting video page

April 2009
1) Added Shop Info in MY BOOKS, now you can buy directly and comfortably here at Amazon worldwide with secure server.
2) Trailer "Dreamwalker" added. Enjoy the brand new Youtube video.

March 2009
1) Added new chapter “Premiere” of new movie “Dreamwalker”, Rolf Waeber acting in an important role as Frank Morrisson, Village Eldest.
2) Added new link "Healing", please check this wonderful link from my good friend Shirlee Hall.

February 2009
1) Added new Adobe Video, Winner of International Competition 2008, Principal Actor Rolf Waeber

January 2009
1) It is now available an overview and details about the new book “The Female Hermit”.
2) The brand new movie “Dreamwalker has new info added.
3) Visited countries have been updated, due to new travels.
4) New references in acting has been added, only in German.

For more info please check out the corresponding pages.
Please feel free to put a note in my guestbook whenever you feel so.
Each person will have my immediate response for sure

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